A Pro Tip To Easily Latch Onto Your Sprinkler Stop And Waste

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Hey guys, believe it or not, fall is here. It's now October and it's time to shut your sprinklers off. We're here doing sprinkler winterization. A lot of you guys will have a stop and waist which is the tube that goes down on the ground several feet to turn your sprinkler timer off. Sometimes it's hard to see down there to latch it on, but we have a really easy trick as long as you have the sunlight, the sun shining, it's a very easy trick. So what we do, let me flip the camera around. If you get your phone out, stand over the top of the tube and just use your phone like a mirror and reflect the light of the sun down into the stop noise tube that is going to be brighter than any flashlight you can you have the only downside is you have to make sure the sun is out. So use this that way you can make sure you get your stopping noise turned off if you have a stop voice. If you have any other questions, let us know. Or just keep watching these videos. Check out our Facebook for more tips every single week. if you want to take this a step further and learn how the pros find the sprinkler stop and waste tubes give this next blog a quick read. Thanks and have a good day.

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