Christmas Light Clips

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It's time to talk more about Christmas lights. I know we talked to you about using a clip on every single bulb. That way the lights are perfectly spaced nice and secure. And you get the nice clean look. They're all facing the same direction. But I want to now show you the different styles of clips that we use. The most common is going to be this one right here. It is a gutter clip. So it basically slides right into the gutter, secures towards the bottom, and the bulb is going to secure right into this. The socket's going to secure right into here. This is the most common. This is what we use the most. However, you're going to get certain areas of the home where the gutter ends just like it does right here. So what we use in this situation is called a shingle tab. The bulb will go right, the socket will go right in that hole and you've got these two prongs. These prongs slide right under the shingle so you still get really secure, nice clean look and you don't have to worry about it.If you have any questions or any suggestions I'd love to hear about them so I could make a video to help you guys out some more.

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