Don't worry if you have these on your lawn

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Hey guys, I hope you're doing well. Let's talk today about your lawn. We're getting a lot of questions in the office about these things on top of people's lawns. We're up here doing fertilization for one of our lawns here in Salt Lake. Do not worry if you have these on your lawn, this is actually your grass just going to seed. You do not need to worry, this is just a late spring thing. You have these in the lawn, it's actually a healthy sign a sign that you're healthy is pretty. Excuse me, your lawn is pretty healthy. No need to worry these things will go away within the next week or two. So don't worry about treating these don't worry about doing anything. These are not weeds. These are actually just seed heads on your lawn. If you need help with your lawn care, we'd love to help you out.

Lastly, if your lawn is struggling with Necrotic Ring check out our blog to learn how to deal with it and have a healthy lawn again.

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