Draper Lawn Mowing Do's and Don't's

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Alright guys, let's talk about lawn mowing, specifically, the don'ts. I see this time and time again. Let's talk about it. Make sure you're not doing this yourself. Let me flip this around. So we see this all the time people have either dry grass, or they have weeds all along the edges of their grass.

Let me tell you why. They trim way too low with their string trimmer. Their weed whacker. They particularly don't want to trim every week. So they do it every couple of weeks and when they do it, they scalp it so low. Here's the problem. really low grass exposes a bunch of soil. Seeds need soil to grow. Wind blows and seeds. Seeds stick on the edge of the lawn first, right where that soil is. It doesn't matter what kind of weed control you put. You're going to constantly like this house has got be getting tons of weeds along the edge. Do yourself a favor. If you have a lawn that hangs way up above, just put your lawn mower tires on the concrete so it's nice and straight across. And then just take your trimmer or edger and just put a vertical edge. This is going to help you your lawn is going to be thicker, dark green, and most importantly, way fewer weeds on the edges here. So if you have any questions, let us know. Have a good day.

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