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Hey guys, I have some Draper Lawn Mowing Height Advice. I just wanted to talk about an important topic and that is how tall to cut your grass. I was driving by this property and I had to stop and show you guys. This is not the right height to cut your grass is way too short. The problem with cutting it short it dries out much faster. What we like to do is cut at least three inches or taller. What that does, you're getting a taller grass, it creates more shade for the soil, so the soil will dry out less quickly. Your grass will be a darker green, it will be taller, you will also build a deeper root system and the thicker and taller your grasses the more weeds you're going to naturally smother out. So definitely stick to this high three inches plus, it might not look like a golf green, but I promise you in the long run, it's going to look better, darker green and it's going to be more healthy overall.

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