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Hey, guys. Earlier this year, we talked about how to fertilize your flowers, your potted flowers, to get more flowers and blooms. Let's talk about watering. I've done just a little test on my own pot at home. Usually, what I was doing is just watering typically with the lawn, so just four or five nights a week just at night. And once it got really hot, I started losing some blooms, losing blossoms and flowers, so I started mixing it up.Rather than just watering way more, I changed the schedule. I cut the watering in half, and then I started watering at night. Then just for the potted flowers, I watered in the middle of the afternoon as well. Wasn't as many minutes, so I wasn't necessarily using more water, but I was cooling down the temperature of the soil and the plant in the middle of the heat in the sun in the middle of the day.This really helped. I started getting way more flowers, especially with these potted plants. Because they're not down in the ground, they heat up super, super fast.Go ahead and try that. If you want to get more beautiful flowers, cut it in half and start watering in the afternoon. I don't recommend watering your grass this way, but with your flowers, especially your potted flowers, go ahead and try it. I don't think you'll regret it.If you have any more Salt Lake lawn care questions, give us a call.

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