Have you shutoff your water yet?

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It's getting cold here in Salt Lake and it's time to shut off your water. Are you having trouble latching onto your stop and waste with your stop and waste key to shut your sprinklers off? Last week, we talked about an easy way to clean out dirt or other debris you may have in the tube, but today I want to show you a really easy trick to be able to see down in the tube to find out which way it's angled to latch right on.Rather than use a flashlight, I just use my cell phone. It's going to be way more convenient and way brighter than any flashlight. I basically just use it as a mirror, and angle the light from the sun right down in the tube, and you can see right down in there. Super easy, super convenient. That way, you know which way it's angled so you can latch right on and get your water shut off.If you have any other questions, please let us know. We would love to help you out.

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