How to cut water usage and keep a lush, green, and healthy lawn.

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Let's talk about keeping the lawn green. Because we all know it is extremely hot without a very dry spring, we're in a drought and it's very hot. So this lawn here is being cut very, very short. It looks great. Looks like a golf course. But if we wanted to cut back the watering or even have it be a darker color green, raise up the lawnmower blade, the lawn, the blades of grass being taller, create a lot of shade, they're gonna create the shade for the soil, which means your soil will not dry out as fast. So raise up your mower notch please raise it out that way your lawn looks healthier, it is healthier, and it's darker green and you can cut down on the water usage and still have a really lush, soft, green lawn. If you need help with lawn care. We would love to help you out. Otherwise, hope you have a good day and when you get a chance check out our blog on how to proper mow your lawn with sandy soil.

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