How to fix a Leaky Sprinkler

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Do you have any sprinkler heads that constantly leak? They're constantly letting a little bit of water out? Before you replace the head, try replacing the valve, the parts of the valve. More than likely you're going to be wasting your time when doing the, replacing the head. Before you call a company, before you call us or somebody else in the Salt Lake valley, if you're somewhat handy, you can probably fix this yourself and save yourself some money. So the first step is we want to come to the valve box and we want to find out which valve is controlling that particular zone.So in this box here, if you'll notice, we have three different valves. So each one of these controls the different stations. So I'm basically just going to turn, if you'll notice, this is called the solenoid. So I turn these on. You'll notice now that same head that was leaking, they're all pumped up full. After I get that, I can just basically hand tighten that solenoid back down. The only reason for doing this, we just want to find out which valve needs to be replaced. So after we find the valve, we will then go and shut the water off and get our replacement valve.So this is one of the most common valves used in a residential setting that's commercial grade. It's a Hunter valve. It's either going to be a Hunter or a Rainbird. This particular one is the Hunter. So there's these four screws. You'll basically unscrew all the screws, pop the top off. This will be basically what it looks like down in the box. It's already threaded in. We're not going to replace that if we don't have to because then we have to cut and glue. So you'll pull that off. You'll basically set this brand new top half with this rubber piece that you can get at any sprinkler repair shop.This is the diaphragm. That is probably what's causing those heads elite cause that's not sealing all the way. So you'll replace that right back down on the existing valve, tighten those screws down. And then there's these wires here. Basically just re-connect the wiring, right, exactly how the other one was. It's very low voltage. You're not going to need to worry about it. After you have that all tightened down, slowly turn your water back on and test the valve. Test it from the zone, and more than likely it's going to be fixed. That way. You saved yourself some money. You didn't have to call a company. Usually in the spring it takes it a lot of time to get a company that can get there quickly, just because we're so backed up and so busy. So hopefully this helped you, if not anything, helped you kind of understand how the sprinkler system works. If you have any other questions about Salt Lake sprinkler repair, let us know.

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