How to prevent Sod Web Worm from ruining your lawn.

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Alright guys, let's talk about insect damage in the lawn. We are now taking care of a brand new one here in Salt Lake doing the lawn fertilization. We noticed here you have a lot of insect damage. Here is a sure sign I'm gonna turn around and have Pope explain to you what you can look for. This is a sign there is possible damage and it's going to happen next year. So what we're dealing with here is sod web worm damage, you can kind of see how it's all yellow throughout the lawn. An easy indicator you have a sod web worm problem is all these little holes that are in the lawn, they burrow down, they make a little wedge down in there and they just chew across all the grass and they eat it all the way. So number one thing you'll be able to see if you're mowing the lawn. And you see these long little skinny kind of golden moths just like this guy here in my hand, he's probably gonna fly away their little zig zags over the whole lawn. So if you're seeing those flying up when you're mowing the lawn, you got sod webworm Give us a call. We'll take care of it. So these moths are actually the sod web worm that has now turned into a moth. And these things are going to lay eggs, which means they will be back next year. So because they are now adult and moths, they're probably not doing quite as much damage to the lawn anymore. But this means you're super likely to have it next year. So get on top of this. If you see these moths or other flying insects, such as hornets, starting to populate on your property, let us know. We'd love to help you out.

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