How to Properly Winterize Sprinklers

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Hey guys, I hope you're doing well. Fall is here and it is time to blow out your sprinkler system. We're here at a house in Herrmann, doing a blowout. And let me tell you one thing that most companies don't even know. So if you're doing a blowout yourself, or if you have a different company doing the blow-out, or you please make sure they do this, because we see it time and time again, you get your backflow pros. And let me flip this around.

So we're here, we've already blown up the entire sprinkler system, this piece right here is called your backflow preventer valve. Now what happens, you get a lot of water trapped right down here. So this is the vent the drain in the bottom. So just because you blow out the system doesn't mean all the water is blown out of this thing. Sometimes water gets trapped down there. So we see it time and time again, water gets trapped right here and this plate actually freezes and bulges out. So next year is leaking water at will not seal. So this is the particular backfill you have, you just need to take a half-inch socket, and just loosen your sockets. I do this while I'm blowing it out. And most of the time, you're gonna get a little bit of water. Once that seal is broken, you get a little bit of water that comes out of the bottom here, which is a really good thing because otherwise that water would just be trapped in there, and it would have nowhere to go. And likely it would freeze because think about it. This piece is the most expensive piece on your entire sprinkler system more than likely.

There you go, you have that drain. So even though we blew up the entire system, all of that water was still trapped. So this is the most exposed piece. It's above ground. It's not insulated at all by the ground. This is the first thing that's going to freeze just because you got your sprinkler system blown, does not mean it was going out properly. So if you have any questions or if you need help with the service, give us a call. We'd love to help you out and if you have a moment, check out some tips on what may be causing your lawn to turn yellow.

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