How to seed a beautiful lawn

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Let's talk about one quick tip when seeding your lawn. we are at my lawn, I seeded this from bare dirt last year so we have plenty of thin spots. What we're doing right now is covering our seed. We have put seed in the bare areas and we are going around and putting a very thin layer of dirt. A lot of people like to use peat moss, but putting dirt is going to help you two things, it's going to help get really good seed to soil contact. That way you get really good germination of the seed and it grows really well. And second of all, you will less likely have birds eating the seed because it's covered up with dirt. If you're doing this and you're seeding make sure water several times a day for several minutes for several weeks and make sure you have not put a pre emergent weed control down. I hope this helps with you so you have some more success. If you need help with lawn fertilization, weed control or pest control. We would love to help you out. Give us a call.

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