How To Set the Timer on your Sprinkler System

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The first step in knowing how to program your Sprinkler Timer is knowing what brand and model you have! We've organized this post by the individual models of each brand with written and video instructions on how to adjust that specific type of timer (and any other models that function the same). Click on one of the buttons below to find instructions for your brand and model of Sprinkler Timer.

Orbit Hunter Rainbird Rachio Rachio B Hyve

Don't forget to check out our watering guide to make sure you're watering your lawn correctly and checking for pests before you start watering!

How to Program an Orbit Sprinkler Timer

This video will take you through the process to either set up a new watering schedule or adjust your current one on your orbit sprinkler timer.

How to Adjust a Hunter Xcore Sprinkler Timer

This video will teach you how to set up or adjust a new watering schedule on your Hunter Xcore Sprinkler Timer.

How to Adjust a Hunter PRO C

While similar to the Xcore Sprinkler Timer, there are a few differences between the models so here is a video taking you through how to adjust your Hunter Pro C Sprinkler Timer.

How to Adjust a Rainbird Sprinkler Timer

The video below will teach you how to set up or adjust your sprinkler timer to have the exact watering schedule and settings you want.

How to Program a Rachio Sprinkler Timer

Modern sprinkler system timers have moved away from the traditional sprinkler system controller and gone the way of smart devices. This smart sprinkler management system is managed using an application on your phone that allows you to be very precise in how you water your lawn. The other cool benefit to these smart sprinkler systems is they have a rain sensor that halts your watering schedule whenever it rains so you don't waste water.

This link below takes you to a wonderfully detailed guide on how to adjust the watering schedule on your Rachio Sprinkler Timer. If you end up having additional questions for them, they also have a chat you can use from 8AM to 5PM MST Monday through Friday

Rachio Sprinkler Timer Documentation

How to Adjust a B Hyve Sprinkler Timer

This is a smart sprinkler timer that uses an application on your phone to manage your sprinkler system. Here is a great video on how to adjust and set up watering on your B Hyve Sprinkler Timer through the app. One of the beauties of this system is it supports all kinds of sprinkler heads from a regular spray sprinkler head to a full on drip system.

Here is a pdf document detailing the different system settings if you have further questions.

B Hyve Set-up PDF

How to Keep a Sprinkler Timer from Resetting

This video shows you exactly how to save your settings if your power goes out or the sprinkler timer gets unplugged so you don't have to redo all of your sprinkler timer settings. Check Out Our Lawn Care Services

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