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Hey guys, let's talk about a really common misconception about lawns. When people think of thatch, they think of the yellow dead material in the lawn thatch. is actually below that. If you'll notice this layer here, it's more of this spongy layer that's actual fat, and you do not want that. So if you're doing good cultural practices, like mowing regularly, if you mow often you don't need to bag the clippings, which is great, but if you are mowing only every other week, I would definitely recommend bagging the clippings. What happens with that is it's it traps air and where traps water from getting down deep into the soil. But really, it makes it much easier for these roots to grow sideways and laterally in this batch, and we want the roots to grow down. So when you have all this spongy material, the roots start growing sideways, which does not make for a drought-resistant lawn because once summer hits. This is the first part of your lawn that dries up the first part of your soil that dries up and your lawn will be fried. So get rid of that patch. Make sure you're mowing regularly. If you're not mowing at least once a week. Bag the clippings. Otherwise, it's best to just mow at least once a week and mulch those things back the clippings back into the lawn because there's a ton of water and a ton of nutrients in those clippings. So give it back to the lawn. Hope you guys enjoyed this quick read. If you're tired of not knowing whats going on with your lawn then click this link to view our quick informative lawn care video.

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