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Hey guys, I hope you're doing well. Hey, I just want to talk to you about the importance of cutting your grass with sharp lawnmower blades. We'll talk about how to tell if you need to sharpen the blades, why it's important and also how to get it done. When you're cutting the grass with dole blades, it's tearing the tips of the grass, it's ripping it. It's not good. It's very inviting for disease and many other problems. So a good way to tell when you need to sharpen your blades. After you mow the lawn, go ahead and take a look at the tips of the grass. If they're discolored if they're turning white, or if they're torn on the edges. That's a very good indication that you need to we sharpen our blades once or twice every single week. Definitely not what you need to do. We cut a lot of lawns here.
If you're just cutting your house once a week, you're probably okay just doing it once or twice every year.

And let me kind of show you how to take the blades off. So right here we've got just probably what you're using at your house. It's a standard walk behind mower. style. First of all, you want to locate the sparkplug take the cap off just to be safe. You also want to locate your air filter and carburetor. So once you locate the air filter and carburetor, tip the machine so the air filter stays on the top. If you tip it the other way, so the air filters down, you're going to start leaking a lot of gas and flood the engine.

Probably going to be two bolts two or three bolts on the blade, just go ahead and loosen these, take them off. probably wear some gloves so you don't cut yourself. Now when we sharpen our blades here, you want to be very careful, you need to sharpen them and make sure that they're balanced and evenly weighted. If you've got one side of the blade that's heavier than the other, it's very problematic and you can run into some issues with your lawnmower vibration, just because of the weight and it can cause some serious problems. So what I recommend, especially if you're just doing this for your house and you're doing a 123 Twice a year, take the blade off, it's much easier for you to take the blades down to a vendor. Plus Not only that, they're going to charge you a lot less money. Because it's loose, they have less labor, they don't have to deal with a machine at their shop. If you're in the Salt Lake area, I would recommend united service and sales. If you're in Midvale, you can take it to our automotive or if you're on the south end of the valley, go ahead and take it to mower medic on Redwood road. I think I could be wrong slightly. I think they charge about 15 to $20 per blade. Kind of a no brainer. You're doing it once or twice a year. You want to make sure it's right. You don't want to run into problems with your lawn mower down the road. Go ahead and do this. Take a look at the lawn after you cut it this weekend or the following week. See if it needs to be sharpened

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