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Are you planning on taking on the task of fertilizing your own lawn? Are you curious to know which type of spreader you should use? I just wanted to show you the difference between the two main types. First off, this is called a broadcast spreader, and this is a drop spreader. Most of the time, almost all of the time, you're going to want a broadcast spreader. In the hopper here is where you're gonna dump your fertilizer. And as you walk, as these tires spin, you see this bottom piece here? This spins, the fertilizer drops, and this throws, it broadcasts the fertilizer. It spreads it out depending on how fast you're walking over the lawn. A drop spreader, just like the name, it does not have a spinner on the bottom, so it literally just drops the fertilizer straight down. The problem with this, it's much more difficult to get a nice, even application. Chances are you're going to either overlap, or you're gonna miss areas, you're gonna fertilize stripes in your lawn, so that some areas are nice and green, and some are not. This is much more user friendly. You're much less likely to screw up doing a broadcast application. So, go ahead and get yourself a broadcast. I would never recommend for the typical homeowner in Draper to use a drop spreader. I hope this helps. If you have any questions, let me know.?

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