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Hey, guys. Do you have a lot of weeds in your lawn? Maybe you've even been spraying weed control all summer long with little to no results. Well, here is the reason why weed control does not work nearly as effective in the summer.What happens is when we get really hot temperatures, these weeds go in protective mode. They get a little waxy layer on them. It's hot, so they don't absorb the weed control nearly as well as they do in the spring or in the fall. Good news, we are coming up onto some cooler temperatures in the next few weeks, so don't give up. Spring and especially fall is the best time to kill weeds in the lawn. Especially knocking them down going into the winter months, it may damage them so much that they can't last and make it through the winter.So don't give up. If you've been doing it all summer long, get back out there once the temperatures cool down, and they will work much better. You will see much better results.Call if you have any more fertilizer and weed control Salt Lake questions

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