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- Hey guys, if you are doing a sprinkler repair yourself, or repairing a line break, and you're using glue and you're not quite sure what type of glue to use, then this video is for you, I just want to do a quick rundown on the different types of sprinkler glue, and where and when to use them. So first of all, you've got a purple primer, this is a primer for the glue or for the pipe, and then what you're gonna do, is put pair that up, so this is a 711 PVC, this is a gray color, and then what we use is a 721 which is blue. So here's the difference between these two; 711 is a much higher industrial strength higher bond, the gray glue is it's this color here you can see on top of the can, this is the blue, it's quicker to dry, but it's not quite as strong of an adhesive. The gray glue it takes about 24 hours to dry but it is much stronger of a bond, so if you're using the gray glue, you're gonna wanna use the primer first, and then cover the gray, wait about 24 hours for that glue to dry before you turn your water back on. If you're doing a lower pressure situation, it's a smaller line or it's maybe after the valve, go ahead and use this 721, the blue glue, you don't have to wait as long, typically it's about 30 minutes to wait for that glue to dry, and then you should be good to go to turn your water back on. So when you're actually applying this on the pipe, here's what you're going to want to do. So first of all, you're gonna take your your primer out, make sure your pipe is clean.- You're about one inch down is all.- So right about one inch there, you're gonna cover, make sure it gets the entire surface all the way around the pipe, inside of your coupler as well that's gonna go on the outside of the pipe. Then you're gonna to grab your other glue, and keep in mind you don't need gobs of this on the pipe, you just need a nice even coverage.- And now the same one inch, then try to spin your fitting 360 if you can to get that glue to spread evenly, and hold it for about 10 seconds, otherwise the glue will push the fittings apart. And then after that it'll hold- After your 10 seconds is up, you can see the inside, it's nice and even, you know that it's nice and evenly spread, make sure you push it all the way in so you're getting a really good connection, other than that, just make sure you allow time for that glue to dry, and you will have a perfect repair, something you're not gonna have to worry about breaking in the middle of the night.  Knowing how to repair your sprinklers is always important. So is learning how to optimize your sprinklers to make your lawn greener. This next blog post will teach you exactly how to do so. You have any questions? Let us know, we'd love some other video suggestions so we can help you guys out, hope you have a great day.

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