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Hey guys, Christmas light season is here, and in Salt Lake, that means it's also snow season. So, we need to be very careful about our power and the water from the snow. We probably have extension cords running in our yards. We need to be careful on these connections. What happens, the moisture, the water from that snow gets in these connections, it can cause some really big issues, flipping your breaker, not to mention many other big issues. So, we found a pretty cool tool, a pretty cool thing at Home Depot. It's called Core Protect from TwistandSeal.com. Pretty simple. Pretty straightforward. You take your connection. You pop it in here. And it does take some effort, which is a good thing. Because it means the seal is nice and tight. You push down, and you lock these three latches. So, this may not be perfect, but what's it's doing, it is getting rid of almost all of the water. Probably won't let much if any water in here. Really dramatically reducing the chances of you having really big issues with electricity, and water, flipping breakers, things like that. I hope this helps you guys enjoy your lights. Hopefully, it can help you reduce one other problem that could go wrong, basically, before it even happens. If you have any questions, please let us know.

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