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- Hey guys, please, please, please be careful what you're spraying on your lawn. If you're doing the weed control yourself, be careful what you're buying out there, what products you're using. This is a classic case of using the wrong chemical on the lawn. They're probably spraying the weeds and it's killing everything. Especially these days, Roundup now has a product that just kills weeds and not grass and they also have the original product that kills everything. They're both called Roundup so it can get very confusing. Here's a product that we use. This will not kill your blue grass, but it will kill a lot of the broadleaf weeds, things like dandelions and thistle and all sorts of stuff. It is called T Zone SE. It's a fantastic product. It's definitely what we use. If you use this, just make sure you follow the label, wear the gloves, wear your protection equipment. As long as you're following the label, doing the correct application rates, you're going to see fantastic results and your lawn is not gonna look like this. It's gonna look way better and it's gonna stay alive. So as far as this product goes, it takes about 10 to 14 days in Salt Lake for o start working. You'll see those weeds start shriveling up and dying. So wait for that 10 days and you will be in good shape. I hope you guys have a great day.

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