Trimming Corners

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Let's talk about some more tips when you are string trimming and edging the lawn. So if you're mowing the lawn yourself, you may notice if you have a vinyl fence, when you get along the fence posts and you're trimming, the right side of your post over here usually gets nice and clean. You get all grass with your string trimmer. However, when you come over here, you may notice along the left side of every post, there's always grass. This is just because of the direction that the head is spinning. So this head spins counterclockwise. So it's easy to get up in this corner of the post, but because it's spinning, the line hits here and bends, it folds, and it won't get in this corner. So here's a simple fix. Just turn your trimmer upside down and get it spinning the correct direction. That's all you have to do. Don't worry about getting down there and hand pull. Just flip it around, and your lawn will look a lot better. You don't have to worry about that ugly grass clumping up right along the fence post. That is are trimming tip of the week filmed right here in Draper.

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