Trimming Tip #74

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- Do you mow your own lawn and you're doing the string trimming? Here's a couple of tips on string trimming to make it look better and maybe easier for you. So first of all you wanna find out which direction it spins. So on this case, it is spinning this direction. So when you get around the areas up against flowerbeds where you've got the tall grass where the lawn mower can't get to, you wanna make sure it's spinning in the direction that it's pushing the grass clippings away from the flowerbed. If you're going the wrong direction, it's gonna shoot these clippings right into the flowerbed which is ugly and in some cases you might get a lot more growth of grass in the flowerbeds where you don't want them. So in this case the way that this one spins, you're gonna walk right to left. You can see how it's spitting most of the grass clippings this way back into the lawn. That way you can keep your flowerbeds clean, it looks really good, and you don't have a lot of weeding to handle. So go ahead and try that when you're out there mowing the lawn this week.

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