Types of Sprinkler Heads

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- Do you have a broken sprinkler head but you don't wanna pay a company and spend your hard earned money to replace something as simple as a head? Well, let's go over the different styles of heads and where you can get them, that way you can do this simple repair yourself. So this is the most common type of sprinkler head. This is called an 1800 series by either Rain Bird or Hunter. Rain Bird, the 1800 series, it just, it pops up and it stays stationary. And then you'll add a number two or four, so this is an 1804 which means it pops up four inches. This one is smaller, this is an 1802. These things go all the way up, I mean, they get massive. This is an 18, this is probably an 18 inch pop-up which you are probably not gonna need. So we'll go to the main one, 1804. This is the style that pops up that's just gonna spray a mist, a constant mist in the same area, it's not rotating around as it goes. This is where, you can get this at Home Depot or Lowes in Salt Lake, or a sprinkler supply store, just stick with a Rain Bird brand or a Hunter. If you need to know about how to replace nozzles which goes right here, this is the part where the water actually comes out. How to put the nozzle on, and the filter, which nozzle to choose, I've also shot another video. So, check the link in the description, there's a video explaining exactly how to pick your nozzle, how to change nozzles, even how to change the head. There's two other types of very common heads, these are rotors, so what this means is they're going to stick in a corner of the yard, or as part of the yard and they're gonna spin and they're gonna rotate around as they go. So this smaller one, it's a Rain Bird, it's a 3500 series. Same thing, it's gonna pop up and it's just going to spin around as it goes. The larger of the two is a 5000 series, same thing as well. So, I have another description, I'm gonna put both links in the video description. How to change nozzles, how to adjust the rotation. So go ahead and look at those videos as well if you have any questions or are looking for sprinkler repair near me. I hope you guys have a great day.

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