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Do you have yellow spots in the yard? You feel like you've adjusted the sprinklers you feel like you're getting plenty of water, but it's not recovering. Let's talk about it. You might ask what in the heck do sponges have to do with dry grass? I'm gonna give you an analogy we're going to talk about soil and how soil works, how it absorbs water.

Let's compare it dry soil, yellow grass, dry soil. Compare it to a dry sponge it is rock hard. Compared to a sponge that has some moisture in it, it is nice and soft. If you take a cup of water and you dump it over a dry hard sponge, it is not going to absorb anywhere near the amount of water. A moist sponge will it will just run right over the top. You're gonna be wasting water. I know everybody says the new says your uncle says your neighbor says ever all these professionals say water less days more frequently or fewer days, more minutes which is typically right under perfect. conditions. If you're dealing with dry spots and you're trying to recover them, that's completely the opposite of what you want to do. So break that watering up into more regular waterings and cut the minutes down, we need to build that baseline of moisture in the soil.

Once we build the moisture in the soil, we got good water penetration, that's when we switch over to more minutes fewer days. If you're doing three days a week and just putting tons of minutes and you have yellow spots, it's going to take quite some time, especially in the summer heat, that soil dries out and it's going to take quite some time. So if you want to recover your grass quickly, more days, fewer minutes more often. only temporarily. Then you get that baseline of moisture in the soil. Then you're going to flip it over Keep in mind, soil conditions, the type of soil you have to play a huge factor, and how many days to water. Do not listen to one recommendation where they say okay, here's the exact amount of days you should be watering. Because that is not true. You need to look at your soil and how it holds the moisture holds the water. I'll do another video this week talking about different soil types and recommendations on watering as well. Hope you guys have a good day. If you have any questions, let us know. Otherwise, we'd love to help you out. So let us know. If you live in the Draper area then give this next blog a quick read to learn some lawn watering tips to keep your lawn healthy all year round.

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