Which Christmas Light is the better option, LED or incandescent?

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Now that Halloween has already come and gone, believe or or not, it's time to talk about Christmas lights. Christmas lights are starting to go up all over in Draper and Salt Lake. If you can't tell, I get a little bit excited when it comes to Christmas. So we get a lot of questions in the office and when it comes to Christmas lights, the main question we get is which type of bulb should we use? Should we use incandescent or LEDs? So I figured I will just show you guys the difference between the two, talk to you about the benefits to each. So here we have two different sample strands; this first sample strand, these are LEDs, the second strand here, we've got incandescent. Now, just by looking at them from afar, you probably can't even tell much of a difference at all. However, if you had these in your hand, the first thing you would notice, the LED's are made out of plastic, and the incandescent are made out of glass. With the incandescent, the main benefit to using an incandescent is really the upfront cost to purchase these, is much less than an LED bulb. However, that's really the only main benefit that I see. With the LEDs it is more money upfront to buy, but you are using 90% less energy to run these bulbs, so you're gonna be saving money on your power bill not to mention these last a heck of a lot longer than incandescent, so you're gonna get many, many more years out of these, and trust me, if you have incandescent bulbs on your roof, plan on replacing bulbs every single year, and the last thing you wanna be doing is getting on a ladder, getting on your roof, when there's snow on the ground, snow on your roof, these are the way to go. We actually only do LEDs. Now one of the main benefits that I think the LEDs are way better than the incandescent, well I'm just gonna show you. So I've unscrewed, I've taken one of each bulb, we're gonna walk out here to our shop where we have some concrete and I'm just gonna throw these in the air and you can see for yourself. Okay, so obviously we heard the incandescent bulb break. This is the LED, nothing's wrong with it. Obviously the incandescent bulb is not going to work, it is shattered. Lets go plug this in and I will guarantee that this will still work. So here we are, let's screw this same bulb in, and it's still working. I hope this answers any questions you may have. If you can't decide if you want to do incandescent or LEDs, if you have any questions, please comment on the video below, we'd love to help you out.

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