Why is your grass dying?

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All right, guys. Is your lawn struggling? And you don't know if it's bugs or grass that is dry.Here's a telltale sign. Check this lawn out. It's very evenly yellow, which is a good sign it's dry, but you're going to notice weird patterns. If you look up here, you get like half-circles up here. That's a very good indication you have sprinkler problems.Then you've got areas that are really, really green, and weird spots up here in this circle up here. That is very likely where your sprinkler heads are. So in this lawn, there's a head here and there's a head right there as well. There's probably a broken head, so that the water isn't coming out and spraying. It's just coming out where the head is, and it's only watering right around that area.If this is the problem, immediately turn your sprinklers on. Don't even worry about bugs at the moment. Get your sprinklers turned on and find out where you have a broken line or a broken head that's reducing all of that pressure. If you have any more sprinkler repair in Riverton questions, please let us know

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