Why is your neighbors lawn BLUE?!?

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Why in the world is your neighbor's lawn blue? I'm sure you're asking yourself that right now. My name's Travis. I'm with Homes Lawn & Pest. We get a lot of questions from neighbors of the yards we take care of. So we wanted to get proactive and send this video on a door hanger to you to answer your question, so I'll just be straight forward with it. Your neighbor's lawn is blue because they're not going to have weeds this year.

The blue tracker dye ensures that we get good even coverage over the entire lawn. We can cover every single square foot. Typically, a normal company is going to spray with something they cannot see. They're going to do their best to spray and they're not going to get 100% coverage because it's near impossible unless you can see where you've sprayed. So this first application, it's a pre-emergent, which means it prevents weeds and it only prevents weeds where you spray. This is a nontoxic, water-based die. We just wanted to let you know, that way you know what the heck's going on because we get a lot of phone calls.

If you have any questions, you can reach out to us. We'd love to help answer them. Our number is (801) 616-5296. Hope you enjoyed this quick read, if you're finding dead grass next to your drive way, check out this quick blog to learn how you can resolve this issue..

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