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Draper Lawn Fertilization And Weed Control Services

Having a well-manicured, green lawn is the goal of any homeowner with a green thumb. Unfortunately, achieving that goal is often more challenging than it sounds. Regular watering and mowing are good places to start, but you may be wondering why you still have bare spots and weeds appearing on your lawn despite your best efforts. If you are frustrated with all of your hard work not paying off and being unable to get the lawn you desire, Holmes Draper Lawn fertilization and weed control is here to help. We offer the best and highest-ranked lawn fertilization and weed control services in Draper, Utah. Our technicians are trained in identifying the root cause of any issues facing your lawn, and they know exactly what to do to give you the results you have been waiting to see.

Over 2,000 Lawns Rely on Holmes Lawn & Pest


Holmes is fantastic! They are extremely organized, responsive, and fantastic communicators. We've used them for our home's fertilization and weed treatment. Highly recommend it!

Nathan Starley


Great service and my lawn looks amazing. Best in town. Thank you Travis!

Chase Thomason


They do a great job! Easy to work with and always reliable.

Parker Holt


I've been with them for about 3 years now and they are the best I've ever had. My lawn looks great!!! And if I ever have a problem they come right out to treat it. Joey is my guy and always takes the time to talk to me about my yard.

Shaunee Lewis

Expert Draper Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control

What's Included with our Draper Lawn Fertilization Services?

Liquid Aeration

A healthy lawn is the foundation of any good home. That’s why we only use specially formulated fertilizers that provide deep and even distribution, so you can enjoy long-term success with minimal effort on your part!

Grub & Billbug Prevention

This treatment is the best way to get rid of pesky insects like white grubs and billbugs. Billbugs are particularly a threat to any lawn because both the adult insects and juvenile larvae damage grass lawns.

7 Rounds of Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control Treatments

To ensure your lawn is the healthiest it can be all year round, we will work with you to schedule 7 rounds of lawn fertilization and weed control treatments.

Fertilizer Types

Our fertilizer treatments are aimed at giving your soil the most nutrients possible. We will analyze the needs of your yard and develop a plan that is tailored to its needs.

Our treatments will be applied in a 6-step program throughout the year. With each visit, we will determine the best course of action depending on the status of your lawn and go over our plan with you. The last treatment of the year will be the application of a winterizing fertilizer that is designed to prepare and preserve your lawn as much as possible during the winter months.

Liquid Fertilization

We use a liquid fertilizer that ensures your lawn gets all the nutrients it needs to keep looking healthy and beautiful. This spray fertilizer provides an even distribution, which helps maintain pH levels so you can enjoy lush green grass all year-round!

Granular Fertilization

The granular fertilizer is a slow, time released solution that has been used for those who have older yards with deeper roots.

What Kind of Fertilizer is Right for my Yard?

The choices of fertilizers can be overwhelming, but the specialists at Holmes Lawn & Pest in the Salt Lake area can help you choose the perfect product for your yard’s needs. Fertilizers come in liquid form and in Granular form. Most of our fertilizer applications are liquid to ensure even coverage and better weed prevention and eradication. We typically use granular fertilizers in the fall months to ensure an even application with all the leaves that cover the lawns here in Salt Lake.

When is the Best Time to Apply Fertilizer?

The choices of fertilizers can be overwhelming, but the specialists at Holmes Lawn & Pest can help you choose the perfect product for your yard’s needs. Fertilizers come in liquid form and in Granular. Most of our fertilizer applications are liquid to ensure even coverage and better weed prevention and eradication. We typically use granular fertilizers in the fall months to ensure an even application with all the leaves that cover the lawns here in Salt Lake. The experts at Holmes Lawn & Pest have created their own unique fertilizer program made just for Salt Lake County.

Draper Weed Control

Weeds are often the homeowner’s top yard-related problems. They compete with grass and garden plants for water and important nutrients. In addition, many weeds are unsightly and can quickly overrun your entire lawn. For most people, weeding their garden isn’t how they would like to spend their time. That’s where we step in. Holmes Lawn & Pest’s weed control services will fend off weeds and keep your turf healthy and green.

Types of Weed Control Services Offered

Holmes Lawn & Pest offers homeowners a comprehensive solution to pesky weeds. Our staff has years of experience analyzing lawns and determining the best plan for weed control. There are three main types of weed control services:


Applying a weed control solution before spring growth can help keep weeds at bay.


Take care of stubborn broadleaf weeds after they have sprouted.

Spot Treatment

If our technicians notice a problem spot in your yard, they will apply a highly-effective spot treatment.

What Kind of Weeds Does our Weed Prevention Program Treat?

Weeds come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and many of them are unsightly and annoying. Some species thrive in grassy areas, while others prefer to take over your garden or flower bed. Weeds are categorized as either broadleaf or grassy weeds.


These kinds of weeds usually include larger, single-vein leaves with a flower or cluster of flowers. Some of the most common broadleaf weeds are clover, dandelion, and thistle.


These weeds look similar to turfgrass but often grow much taller and faster than the rest of your lawn, causing it to look uneven. Some common types of grassy weeds are bluegrass, ryegrass, and crabgrass.

Don't Forget to Water

Proper watering is a vital step in any lawn care routine. Fertilization must be performed with proper lawn watering in order to get the best results possible. Make sure your sprinklers are in order for the best results from your lawn fertilization. Ask us how all of our services, including our Draper pest control services, can and should be used together for the healthiest lawn in Draper!

Our Personal 100% Money Back, Risk Free Guarantee to You!

You’re happy or it’s free guaranteed.  Simply put, we know we are the best at lawn and pest.  If you aren’t happy, we will fix it for free.  If you’re still not happy, we will refund your last service, Guaranteed.
- Travis Holmes

Holmes Lawn & Pest Accreditations

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Frequently Asked Questions

7 Applications Seems Like a lot, Why so Many?

It’s important to receive the proper nutrients consistently throughout the year. Each application also offers different products in it such as pre-emergent, liquid dethatch, and aeration to get the best results throughout the year.

How Often Will I Receive Fertilization Applications?

Anywhere between 4-6 weeks.

Should I Water my Lawn After Applications?

If you want to see the best results watering your lawn within 24 hours of application will produce the best results.

How Long Should I Stay Off my Lawn After a Fertilization Application?

It’s recommended to stay off the lawn for at least an hour to give it time to dry.

Can I Sign Up for Weed Control Without Lawn Fertilization?

Unfortunately no, We only offer our weed control services when paired with our lawn fertilization services.

What Weeds will Weed Control Take Care of?

The weed control will take care of just about all weeds in your lawn, however some weeds can be rather resilient so we may need to come back out after a couple weeks and spray again to get rid of any remaining weeds.

How Long Does it Take to Get Rid of Weeds?

It typically takes about 10-14 days for weeds to start withering and dying. It usually takes a little longer still before they are completely gone.

Draper, Utah Weed Control & Lawn Fertilization Services

We want your lawn to be the best in Draper, Utah. That’s why we’re committed not only for short-term fixes, but also long term results! Our high quality work and attention to detail means that you can enjoy beautiful landscapes without worrying about color loss or fading over time. Holmes Lawn & Pest will give you healthier soil that will allow roots to grow deeper and provide you with a healthy, lush lawn that will last!

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