Check your lawns health, with a screwdriver?

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Hey guys, I hope you're doing well. Let's talk about watering the lawn. Don't let anybody or anybody on the news tell you you should or shouldn't water, I understand we're in a drought. Do not turn your sprinklers on just because you think it needs to be watered. Take a look at the dirt. If you look at this, we're up here in Sandy, this dirt still has plenty of moisture. It looks good. As you can tell these roots are diving deep, we probably have seven or eight-inch deep roots, and there's plenty of moisture. I know you're not gonna have a tool that's going to pull the core out like this. and easy way to do it. Take a screwdriver, poke it in the dirt. If the screwdriver takes a lot of effort to get down in the dirt, you're likely compact and dry soil. If that thing goes in, no problem. hold off on the watering. That way we're conserving water, keeping it up in the mountains in the reservoirs. But if you look bad, and it looks very dry with work, still having low temperatures don't kick on your stations, like a normal program. Don't be watering a bunch. You can probably if you're really dry just water once or twice a week for right now. That way we're not wasting water but we're keeping the moisture in the soil. That way you don't have to play catch up and overwater to just get that moisture back in the soil. If you guys have any questions, let us know. Otherwise, feel free to continue reading more of our blogs about various lawn care techniques including how to check your lawn for thatch and have a good day.

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