Do NOT let your sprinklers freeze this winter

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❄️Do NOT let your sprinklers freeze this winter❄️
Make sure your sprinklers are blown out properly to prevent damage.

Alright guys, let's talk about sprinkler winterization specifically sprinkler blowout. You'll notice a lot of these companies including ourselves pulling these trailers around, these are really large air compressors, we hook these up to the main line, you can see Derek back here, he's hooked up into the sprinkler system, we are going to run the sprinkler system, obviously, we've turned the water off. And now we're going to run through every single zone and blow compressed air to blow as much water out of those lines as possible.

This really helps reduce the chance of freeze breaks freeze damage, you need to be careful, I know a lot of people use their own compressor, even a little pancake compressor that just plugs into the wall. While they help, they really don't do the job, they're not going to get anywhere near the amount of water out of the system, that a large diesel compressor there's a reason companies use these compressors. They're not cheap, but there's a reason. So you can see we've already turned it on here I'll flip it around. You can see all of this water coming out. This is only the water that was existing in the lines being pressed out by compressed air this air compressor here. So we're gonna run through every single zone there have walked around to check for any issues, you can see it's becoming less water, more air more of a mess. We're gonna run through every single zone until we know we have as much water blown out of these things as possible.

I've seen it time and time again, where people say oh, I haven't blown my sprinkler system out for years. I'm not going to do it. And even this spring, we saw somebody with a probably a 20 foot wide driveway, it froze under the driveway they did not have asleep and it caused a really expensive repair. So this is a really good insurance policy that helps you sleep at night knowing that your system was blown out properly. And companies get busy really fast. We're already doing this this is something that needs to get done. We're already doing this so get on a schedule it even if it's not with us just call whoever you want call your company get on the schedule because our first freeze last year was October 10. And it's October 1 right now and I'm filming this video. So it hit is my surprise the normal first freeze for salt lake is around October 19 October 20 I believe so make sure you get this on the schedule. Make sure you get it taken care of so you can make sure you sleep well all winter long.

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