Don't leave these on your cement!

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Hey guys, hope you're doing well. Hey, let's quickly talk about fertilizer. Let's give you some advice. We are taking care of somebody in this neighborhood if you can see our truck down there anyways, this is a lawn another company has treated I'm not going to talk about who it was. But if you'll notice, let me flip the camera around. They are leaving these little pellets, these granular fertilizer pellets all over the driveway. The problem is you're going to notice these rust spots all along driveway. If you don't blow your fertilizer off as a good chance it's going to stain your concrete and do some damage and start pitting your concrete so if you're doing this yourself or if you have another company fertilizing, please just make sure that the fertilizer gets blown off of concrete patios, the street gutter especially that way you don't have issues with your concrete breaking or getting stained, and then you'll get more fertilizer on the grass. If you have any questions especially opn topics such as silt-seeding, let us know we'd love to help you out. Otherwise, have a good day.

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