What is slit-seeding

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?This is "Slit-seeding" and why it has great benefits for your lawn.?

Hey guys it is fall and fall in my mind is the very best times to overseed your lawn to thicken it up, make it look better, nice and thick and healthy. There are several different ways that you can oversee, a lot of companies do air rate overseed, where they broadcast the seeds over the top, which works. It's no, it definitely works. But we do it a different approach. And the way I feel is the very best is called slit seedings to that machine you saw back there, it basically has bed knives on there. And it's let me turn it around, I'll show you. So if you can see these little lines right here, that machine cuts into the lawn, puts little slices little canals and it drops the seed directly into the spot. So first of all we're going to come through as you can tell, this lawn has been cut really short, we will scout the lawn to get better success more seed germination. But the best part, the most important part of germination is getting that seed to touch the soil. That's why this sleet seeding is so much better because it actually puts the seed right into the soil, broadcasting it over the top. Yes, you will get some results. But a lot of that seed is just going to sit on top of the lawn and it's not actually going to germinate. Now there are a few really key things to do after overseeding your lawn you need to water very regularly, cut the minutes way down, but water way more often you need the soil surface of the soil to stay wet for several weeks. Otherwise, the seed will not germinate and grow.

So I would say cut it down to a few minutes three to five minutes each time and run it a couple of times a day. Probably no need to water it at night, especially in the fall. Now the temperatures are cooling down. Just keep the soil wet for several weeks. Also, you want to get this down as soon as possible. You want to have this wrapped up by late September, early October. Because you risk getting a freeze. If you get this C down and you get a hard freeze, chances are hardly any of it's going to work and it's not going to do a great job. So this is a great service, it's a really good thing to do to your lawn. It's not just this service, you've got to get down and make sure you're watering very often very lightly in order to get the best results. I'll shoot another video later this week showing you exactly what type of seeds to use. What we use just to get the best results because I see it every day. People go to Home Depot, Lowe's or box store and they buy the wrong stuff. We go out there and their launches they have it's basically a salad bar. They have so many different types of graphs. So look for that other video. Otherwise, I hope you guys have a good day.

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