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Hey guys, I hope you're doing well. Today let's talk about overseeding your lawn. If you plan to do seed there are a few very important steps you need to know before you seed. So this is my lawn, I actually seeded that this from bare dirt last September this was on landscaped completely bare dirt. So I still have, as you can see, plenty of thinned out areas because we had the freeze before everything could take. So I'm doing a little bit of extra seeding. So let's talk about it. First of all, you need to make sure you have not put a pre-emergent weed control down. If you have a pre-emergent weed control, it stops crabgrass and it stops new weeds, but it does that by stopping seeds from growing so if you put pre-emergent on your lawn, that includes IFA step one and most spring mixes, your seed will not grow, you'll be wasting your time and your money so do not put pre-emergent down on the lawn. Second of all, you need to make sure the seed comes in really good contact with the soil. So you're going to get the seed down. Make sure to contact that soil, you can put it down and get a rake and very lightly rake the lawn and rake the seed into the dirt. The seed will not grow if it doesn't touch the dirt. Third of all watering. Watering is key. Do not water heavy, but you need to water very often, water several minutes several times a day for several weeks. If you let the soil dry up, your seed will not work even if it starts to germinate and grow and then it dries up. It will die. So keep an eye on the soil make sure it has moisture. We're not talking about super deep watering, we're just talking about at the top where the seed is out. If you haven't established one, you don't need to be watering crazy right now. We're just talking about the seeds. So just that top layer, keep an eye on that if you do these three things and stay off the lawn and leave it alone for a while you're going to have some really good success. I hope this helps, if you want to learn more about overseeding in Salt Lake then check out this quick read.

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