How to Shutoff Sprinkler Water

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Hey guys, I hope you're doing well. As you know, the cold weather has come and if you have not turned your sprinkler water off, do it now, if you have shut off in your basement, let me show you exactly how to find out what handle goes to what how to turn it off and properly drain the system.

So let me flip the camera around. Okay, so this if your home is relatively new, chances are you're going to have these handles in your basement. Typically we see them under a porch in a cold storage room, there's going to be several handles. So basically what I look for you you're going to look for your main to the house, typically it's a little bit bigger of a pipe, it's going to run all the way down look for a tee. If you get a line that tees off. It's a really good indicator that your sprinkler line. So it tees off. If you stick your hands in here, you'll see you have this valve here, and then it runs down and it's going to run straight down here which is a drain valve. So this is where you're going to drain the water after you shut the water off. So if your pipe, if your handle is parallel with the pipe in the line, that means your valve is opened. If it is perpendicular sideways, that means it is off. So in this case, it's the sprinkler water it is off. So I opened it back up. That's how you open it right there. A good indicator just flips one of these handles. If you flip a handle and you go running one of your sinks and it is not running, you've turned the entire house water off, turn it back on and open your other handle. So once you found out which one is your sprinkler handled, turn that off, follow that down, there's likely going to be a drain. Just get any kind of a bucket using a blender right here, open this up.

Chances are you'll get a little bit of water that comes out. Let that drain. This is just going to be gravity fed most of the time. Another key thing to know if you have a backflow preventer valve, if you do not open up these valves, you don't take a flathead screwdriver and open those little valves on top. likely will not drain imagine it like a straw. If you have a straw full of water in your finger is on the top. That water does not drain until you lift your finger. You need to let air in the system up top at the backflow in order to get water to drain. We're almost done draining. Like I said it's not very much water but it definitely is enough to do some damage. I always recommend once it's done, close that Valve back up that way something doesn't happen where you turn this on, and a whole bunch of water comes gushing out into your basement. If you guys have any questions including how to latch onto your sprinkler stop and waste, please let me know. Otherwise, hope you have a good day.

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