How to spot grubs BEFORE they damage your lawn

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Hey guys, last week we talked about how to find grubs in the lawn. Let me give you another tip today on how to spot grubs and realize there's a chance that they're in your lawn before they do a ton of damage. You may look at this lawn and realize, you know, it looks pretty good. There's maybe a little bit of discoloration. There's definitely no big yellow spots. It doesn't look like there's grubs. However, this lawn has grubs and yes, we spotted them today. When you walk through the lawn, here's one telltale sign walked into the lawn. You'll have little white or gray moths, not bugs, not gnats, not butterflies, but moths. If they are all over your yard, if you're every time you walk through your yard, you can see a few of these flying around. That's a good indication you're about to get grubs or you have early grubs.

Now what happens is these moths they lay larvae and this larva turns into grubs. So if you have this you can go back and look at our video from last week on how to spot, however, Make sure you're checking several different areas because, on this lawn, it doesn't quite pull up like carpet quite as easily just because the damage is so early on.

If you dig around, you're gonna find grubs. So if you look right there, like we talked about in the last video, white larvae with a red tip. You see the red tip right there. That is a grub. Make sure you're digging around in multiple areas. When I first got to this long, we had to dig around in multiple areas. I didn't find them at first. I didn't give up if I would have given up after looking in one spot, or just because I grabbed the grass and it doesn't pull up quite so easy. We would have never found these grubs until the damage was really bad. So catching these early is a really good way to save your lawn.

Also, I'm going to put a link here on the pro product we use. It's an insecticide. You want to put this down really heavily water it in and that's going to give you season-long control as well. So you have Any questions? Let us know. We'd love to help you with you pest control and even sprinkler care services. Otherwise, Have a good day.

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