Local lawn expert shares trade secrets on how to know what's hurting your lawn.

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Hey guys, we are here in Draper doing a lawn fertilization treatment. And you will notice we've got some yellow spots here. Let me talk to you about how to quickly diagnose to a basic diagnosis if it has bugs or if it could be water because it's not always water. And we also see a lot of the time people will assume it's bugs just because they've got these random spots. Number one thing you want to do, grab the grass, and I'm not talking just on the top, I'm talking a deep handful and pull. I am pulling extremely hard. If this was extensive bug damage, grubs or sod, webworm, or something chewing up the lawn, this thing would peel up. I'm not talking about peeling just the surface and this yellow stuff comes up top. I'm talking grab a deep deep handful. So this is a clear indication to me that there are no insects chewing the lawn. The next step, just take a screwdriver poke around, you will probably notice the areas that are green poke a screwdriver, it's going to go down nice and easy. The areas that are yellow, it's not going to that's because it's lacking water. You can also take a shovel and just look and compare the difference between the soil. Don't just jump to conclusions. Make sure you get out there and check your lawn. That way you're doing the right thing. This lawn actually just needs more water in these areas. We don't want to treat it for bugs if it doesn't need it. If you need help with your lawn, we would love to help you out we do lawn care and fertilization. Hope you have a good day.

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