Overseeding Lawns in Draper

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?Overseeding can be great for your lawn BUT make sure to get the right type of seed?

Okay guys, fall is one of the best times to overseed your lawn. We're out here to lawn doing what's called slit seeding. It's not a typical seed is where we put the seed right into the soil with this machine, you may see a lot of really small lines, it's just putting them in. However, let's talk about seed. If you want to do an overseas, what kind of CD you should buy, maybe where you should buy it. I see this every day we meet with clients, and they have what we call a salad bar, meaning they have all sorts of different types of grass, it doesn't look good. A lot of this is unwanted because they went to a big box store, maybe at Home Depot, Lowe's, maybe they didn't know they were looking for somebody gave them the wrong advice, they put it down, and all of a sudden their lawn does not look good, they have undesirable stuff. So first of all, do not buy your seed from a big box store, please. If you have to go anywhere, I recommend going to like a cow ranch IFA somewhere along the lines or you can even go to a local seed store around here. I know there's one in Utah County.

But let's flip this around and talk about seed types and what you're looking for. So this is the seed that we're using. This is just the brand This is actually a really premium seed. This is what they use on sports fields, really high-end areas, golf courses. Let's talk about types. So what we normally do and what you're going to normally want 90% of the Salt Lake Valley probably more, you're going to want a blend between Kentucky Bluegrass and perennial rye. If your lawn looks like this, you get a fair amount of sunlight. Definitely go with it. 80% Kentucky Blue Grass 20% perennial rye. In other areas that you might struggle with heavy shade, you might do something different but if your lawn is a typical lawn, it gets several hours of sunlight a day at least. Go with this at 20 you've got 80% Kentucky Blue 20% perennial rye. This is gonna be a long video sorry, Your perennial rye. The great thing about that it germinates faster. It grows really fast. To begin with the germination process, and it's less susceptible to disease and fungus. The Kentucky Bluegrass takes a lot longer so your Kentucky Bluegrass takes up to three weeks to germinate the seeds to start growing. Your perennial rye is up to seven days ish.

So there's a big advantage of the perennial rye however, the Kentucky Bluegrass creeps it spreads in the rhizomes down in the soil. It kind of spreads and creeps itself thickens itself up self-repairs. There is a bourbon kind of perennial rye that we use slightly creeps. It's called RPR regenerating perennial rye. However, it does not do what Kentucky Bluegrass. So Kentucky Bluegrass is awesome because it really self repairs itself. So this is a really good blend. It's going to look really well on your lawn. They look very similar to most people, you're not going to notice a difference. So if you're buying a bag, go to an IFA, some sort of a farmer store or seats or please don't go to I go to Home Depot, Lowe's, we see it all the time and people really regret it. If you have any questions regarding lawn care or even pest control, let us know. Otherwise, I hope you have a good day.

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