What is Necrotic Ring and How Do You Deal With It?

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Hey guys, I hope you're doing well. We are treating a lawn out here in Draper. And you will notice these circles these oval shaped spots in the lawn. This is becoming a bigger and bigger problem here in the Salt Lake Valley. This is called necrotic ringspot. It's a fungus. It is a soil borne fungus. It goes down pretty dang deep into the soil six to 12 inches deep. In some cases, this is not something that's easy. This is something that you can manage or we can manage, you know, quick fix a couple of things. Here's what causes this. You could have old rotting tree roots under here, you could have too much moisture on the lawn all the time. And what a lot of people do is they overfeed their lawn, if you look at the the three numbers on the bag of fertilizer that you may use from the store, the first number is nitrogen, heavy nitrogen really speeds up necrotic ringspot. So if you're fertilizing yourself cut down on the nitrogen, do more soil conditioners, it will do wonders for this. But this is a problem and you will never get completely rid of this. What you want to do is do a couple of fungicide applications. We don't want to do these forever, we would like to just knock this down and keep it dormant and inactive. Basically, this is going to be here forever, but we can keep it inactive. So a couple of fungicides in the summer about 30 days apart. And then you're going to want to cut way down on the nitrogen or else this will spread another huge factor. Air ration with the machine where you poke holes in your lawn. People go nor door neighbor to neighbor and they spread this soil around. If this lawn was aerated, there's a really high chance that first of all, this is going to be spread the soil is going to be spread around this yard. And even another chance that then the yard after this. They went to the machine is going to spread this very fungus into the next lawn. So you're taking a big chance a big risk. If you have somebody come aerate your lawn you don't know who they did the house before. There are other options that are other ways to loosen up the soil, which we include in our program and they don't leave the turds, they don't spread fungus, and they don't have a chance of breaking sprinklers. So get on top of this. This is not something easy to deal with. It's not something you just want to put more fertilizer down because it will make it worse. If you need help. We would love to help you out, give us a call. Otherwise just keep on reading our helpful lawn health blogs for more tips and tricks on how to care for and maintain your lawn.

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